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(Elton Herbert - General Hospital)

Character Sketch

Elton Herbert - Loren first appeared on General Hospital in the fall of 2000 as Elton Herbert, the man Ned hired as the wedding planner for his and Alexis' wedding. Elton was very effective in making the wedding the splashy event that Ned imagined would sate the press and make them forget all about Eddie's Angel. Elton did his job, but unfortunately, seconds away from the altar, Alexis reconsidered her decision and ran for the hills, leaving the wedding incomplete. This left Elton's reputation and business in a shambles. Finding himself suddenly at leisure, he sought other employment. Fortunately, Laura Spencer was launching her new business. Scotty had sold her "Deception" and she was desperately in need of some office organization. Tipped off by Gia, Elton showed up at the offices and volunteered to work for Laura for a trial period, contingent on Carly's approval. Within hours he had the office impeccably organized (with a color coded file system) and was already letting out some publicity propaganda to the right press people. When Carly returned she was more than willing to approve Elton's hiring.

[Loren Freeman]

Actor - Credits

Initial research was done on the Internet Movie Database. Stage and more acting credits added after Internet search; mostly Google. Titles may be linked to useful pages about those works.

General Hospital (2000 - )
(Television Series) - Elton Herbert

Will & Grace (5/2/00)
(Television Guest) "Girls, Interrupted" - "Kevin"

Malibu, CA (4/8/00)
(Television Guest) "Interview, The" - "Kevin"

Ladies Man (2/14/00)
(Television Guest) "Travels with my Aunt" - Terry

Hang Time (1/8/00)
(Television Guest) "Fighting for Your Dreams" - Leslie Bissonet

Jackie's Back! (1999)
(Television Movie) - Kim (Jackie's Costume Designer)

Anarchy TV (1997)
(Feature Film) - Transvestite

Buddy Faro (12/04/98)
(Television Guest) "Get Me Cody Swift" - Ulysses S. Burns

USA High (10/30/97)
(Television Guest) "Gotta Dance" - Mr. Macafee

Alright Already (10/5/97)
(Television Guest) "Again With the Laser Surgery" - Gay Man

USA High (8/19/97)
(Television Guest) "Jackson's Dad" - Mr. Macafee

Dumb Luck in Vegas (1997)
(Feature Film) - Angela

Cybill (09/23/96)
(Television Guest) "Venice Or Bust" - Jerome

Chicago Hope (1/22/1996)
(Television Guest) "Right to Life" - Female Impersonater

Partners (1/1/96)
(Television Guest) "The Year of Bob?" - Partygoer

Baywatch Nights(11/27/95)
(Television Guest) "Kind Of A Drag" - Unknown

Can't Hurry Love (10/23/95)
(Television Guest) "Annie, Get Your Armoire" - Antique Salesman

Weird Science (6/10/95)
(Television Guest) "What Genie?" - Male Audience Member #2

Grace Under Fire (3/14/95)
(Television Guest) "A Night at the Opera" - DeForest Kelly

Saved by the Bell-The New Class (1994)
(Television Guest) "Feuding Friends" - Ramon-Rasmon

Saved by the Bell (5/22/93)
(Television Guest) "Graduation" - Mr. Lazaar

Murphy Brown (11/9/92)
(Television Guest) "Midnight Plane to Paris" - Secretary #54

What a Dummy (1990)
(Television Series) - Buzz (voice)

Lionheart (1990)
(Feature Film) - Sales Person

Night Court (1990)
(Television Guest) "If I Were a Rich Man" - Arnie

Psychos in Love (1987)
(Feature Film) - Video Store Clerk


Stage Credits

These are Loren's Stage Credits that we know about. There are undoubtedly quite a few more. If you know of any, drop us a line at tntmur@aol.com. Same goes for Television and Film appearances.

The Playís The Thing (2000)
Los Angeles Stage (El Portal)
Review - Indispensable to the productionís farcical gayety are the hilarious performances of two supporting players Ciro Barbaro and Loren Freeman. With their suave way with words, actions and reactions they seem to have just stepped out of a 1930s Astaire and Rogers movie musical. You can enjoy this throwback to a more stylish era through June 4.

When Pigs Fly (1999) Los Angeles Stage
Loren was nominated for a Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Awards 1999 for Lead Performance
Photos | Review | Review
Review - There are, however, a couple of standout performers that make the evening a success. Veteran television actor Loren Freeman deserves an award for his performance. His dead-pan sarcasm is expertly timed. His delivery is flawless and demands to be seen.
Review - And as long as Loren Freeman is willing to don false eyelashes, the essence of the recently departed Charles Pierce will always be with us. Freeman is about as definitive a theatrical drag performer as they come.

Melody Jones (2/27/98 - 3/05/98)
Los Angeles Stage
Review - Loren Freeman has a rambunctious good time as an aging, jealous queen who shrieks nasally outside the club's bathroom, editorializes contemptuously on Jones' withered hand, and gropes bewildered young men who are either uninterested in, or repelled by, his advances.

Ruthless (1992)
Broadway-Los Angeles Stage
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