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Character Sketch

Stephen T. Kay first appeared on General Hospital as Reginald Jennings in 1992. Reginald showed up on the door step one day, claiming to be the newphew of Jennings, the Quartermaines' former butler who had supposedly retired and gone to Europe. (In real life the actor had passed away). Reginald was hired as the Q butler. Lila was delighted with him and his casual attitude. Daughter, Tracy however was suspicious of Reginald, though not enough to actually have him investigated. Eventuallly she warmed up to him though, after her husband Paul left. Reginald gave her a crystal bell for Christmas so that it would be easier to call him, as she so frequently did by yelling.

Reginald served the family faithfully and Lila fanatically, but not without sarcastic remarks, and accurate observations. In 1994 his innate good taste was shown, when it was revealed that he was behind Katherine Bell's near fatal dose of digoxin and quinobarbitol. Apparently he had taken a Shakespearean reference of Lila's a little too literally. But his faux pas was successfully covered up by the scheming Q's. The police and Katherine never found out.

Skip a bit, as he was again relegated to flippancy and following Lila about. In 1999, Carly married A.J. and moved into the Q mansion, along with Michael and Michael's Nanny, Leticia. For the first time, Reginald was smitten. He demonstrated this to the Q's in no uncertain terms by exhibiting a very foul mood when Leticia was out of town. Their romance is still going strong, though circumstances aren't easy, as both have many demands on their time from their respective employers, and no individual residence.

Most recently (2001) Reginald has led a strike against the Quartermaine's, probably at Lila's suggestion. Only Lila will be served by the Household staff until Emily returns home.

You can find more on the character in our retrospective section in The Reginald Report

Actor - Credits

[Stephen T. Kay] Initial research was done on the Internet Movie Database. Stage and more acting credits added after Internet search; mostly Google. Titles may be linked to useful pages about those works.

Stephen T. Kay was born July 8th. His hometown is Morristown, New Jersey and he is a Graduate of Brown University. Besides his acting career he is also a talented writer and director. (See Credits below.) Coming soon... our interview with Stephen T. Kay from July 23rd 1996.

The Mod Squad (1999)
(Feature Film) - Bald Dude

Party of Five (10/22/97)
"Fight or Flight" - Hawkins

The Home Court (4/20/96)
(Television Guest) "Love, Death & Soda" - Dr. Lachman

Murder, She Wrote (2/15/96)
(Television Guest) "Something Foul in Flappieville" - Darren Crosley

Deadly Games (1995)
(Television Series) - Peter Rucker

Unhappily Ever After (2/8/95)
(Television Guest) "Jack the Ripper" - Salesman

Angel 4: Undercover (1993)
(Feature Film) - Devon

Murder, She Wrote (3/21/93)
"Dead to Rights" - Vincent Polaski

Lethal Weapon 3 (1992)
(Feature Film) - Movie Director

Quantum Leap (10/16/91)
(Television Guest) "Permanent Wave" - Guy in Van

thirtysomething (5/1/1990)
(Television Guest) "Going Limp" - Editor

General Hospital (1992-)
(Television Series) - Reginald Jennings

The Zero Boys (1986)
(Feature Film) - Soldier #2

Director - Credits

Get Carter (2000)
(Feature Film)

The Last Time I Committed Suicide (1997)
(Feature Film)

Two Over Easy (1994)
(Television Movie)

Writer - Credits

The Mod Squad (1999)
(Feature Film)

The Last Time I Committed Suicide (1997)
(Feature Film)

Two Over Easy (1994)
(Television Movie - Showtime)
CableAce Nominations: Best Screenplay & Best Actor

Stage Credits - Links and Reviews

Noumenal Recovery

The Woods


Killer's Head

When You Comin' Back, Red Ryder?

Only Kidding
(Regional Theatre)

Ad Wars
(Regional Theatre)

Sea Plays
(Regional Theatre)

Baby with the Bath Water
(Regional Theatre)

Titus Andronicus
(Regional Theatre)

Commercial Break

Stephen T. Kay was in a series of Bud Light Commercials in the mid-90s. He played Iggy.


Credits and Bio with Photos
Stephen T. Kay Biography
Brad Maule on Stephen: "... I never thought that I'd be jealous of the Quartermaine butler, but he's smart, a good writer. He's very alternative in his style of living. I'm green with envy when I'm around him. He's way cooler than I can ever hope to be. ..."
Stephen T. Kay bio on Deadly Games Page
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