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Character Sketch

Officer Rick Johnson has appeared on General Hospital as a recurring character during the 90s. Mostly he arrests prominent Port Charles citizens. His first arrest was Tiffany Hill Donely, the police commissioner's wife, whom he arrested for prostitution. (Well, she was hanging around outside Sonny's Paradise Lounge, dressing the way she usually dresses.) Sean forgave Officer Johnson for arresting his wife.

Officer Johnson however was fired when he, along with a desk sergeant, allowed a mysterious person (Damian Smith, but they never found out) steal the evidence in the Ray Conway murder case. But Officer Rick bounced back. He got a job as a guard at the local prison. He was on duty the night that Sonny and Luke busted Frank Smith out of prison. Though he did not foil the escape he was the one who realized it was one. Because he was hailed as a hero Sean was obligated to hire him back onto the PCPD.

Officer Rick then had the duty to arrest Robin Scorpio for drunken driving, Tony Jones for punching Damian, Lois for punching Katherine, A.J. for running a whorehouse, and Foster Spencer for biting a bully. Foster also escaped. Officer Rick helped rescue Damian from the Catacombs. He found an unconsious Katherine in her car with a hunk of deer meat and gave Lucy a citation for Sigmund's quacking.

A few years ago Officer Rick Johnson came upon Sarah and Nickolas hanging out in the ruined church in the woods and advised them that it was an unsafe place to frequent, thereby spoiling their romantic moment.

Officer Rick has appeared only once on Port Charles so far. He arrested a drugged Scott, who was unwisely driving Lucy's car. Officer Rick testified to this incident at Scott's trial, but the testimony was not shown on screen.

Occasionally he is seen now in the PCPD doing paper work. We look forward to any further appearances of Officer Rick Johnson, but they are rare and delightfully unexpected.

Actor - Credits

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General Hospital (1994 - 2000)
(Television Series) - Officer Rick Johnson

Babylon 5 "Crusade" (6/16/99)
(Television Guest) "The Long Road" - Worker #2

Kelly Kelly (4/27/98)
(Television Guest) "The Kilt Show" - Heckler"

Savage (1995)
(Feature Film) - Night Nurse

Destiny Turns on the Radio (1995)
(Feature Film) - Stage Manager

You Are There (9/6/1953)
(Television Guest) "The Capture of John Wilkes Booth"

Writer - Credits

Sleep Easy, Hutch Rimes (2000)
(Feature Film) Ft. Lauderdale International Film Festival President Award for Best World Premiere 2000. Review

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