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If you just want the knowledge and not the glory or sense of accomplishment, you can use the little search engine below to connect Ted to anyone on the planet or at least anyone in the IMDB. This comes to you courtesy of the University of Virginia, not that they know I'm using it. They've devoted considerable resources to the research and development of the oracle. An awesome achievement to be sure, but it spoils the game and it's quite clearly cheating.
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All actor and movie data used by the Oracle comes from the Internet Movie Database. Please also visit the Oracle of Bacon at Virginia page.


This is the oracle's mathematical breakdown of Ted Levine's connection to the Hollywood Universe. This will of course change over time. For instance, Rod Steiger is currently the best center, but since he's dead someone is bound to overtake him soon.
Total number of linkable actors: 752847
Weighted total of linkable actors: 2240257
Average Levine number: 2.976
That means that there is 1 person who can be linked in 0 steps (Ted himself), 1302 people who can be linked in 1 step, 149771 people who can be linked in 2 steps, etc.


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