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Yes, the whole site is supposed to be fun, but this page in particular is for all the extra fun stuff like trivia quizzes and drinking games and cartoons and... poetry. That's right, poetry. Have fun!

"It'll be fun." — Sharona
"It's a game?"
"Yeah, It's a game."

The official USA Network Monk site now has a nifty quiz and a few games of their own:

monk shui

mind game

They've also got Monk Puzzles, Monk-O-Phile Trivia and Monk Eye Spy!

Only on The Monk Fun Page —


This month's quiz features five multiple choice questions about "Mr. Monk and the Billionaire Mugger."


(Now runs in later versions of Netscape or IE, but you can read the questions and answers in any browser)

This is my favorite game (variations of it at any rate), although people get really tired of playing it with me... really fast. Sort of like Monk and charades.

The object of the game is to connect Ted Levine to another actor in five steps or less. (Six degrees is just too easy.) Simple, right? Sure… except I’ve got a few rules.

Rule 1: “As was" doesn't count: i.e. Ted Levine was in Murder She Wrote as was Tony Shalhoub.* It's not a connection unless they were in the same episode of said series.
Rule 2: Compilation films, like That’s Entertainment, don’t count.
Rule 3: I make up other rules as we go along.

The IMDB is a wonderful thing, but relying on it too heavily is not in the spirit of the game. Besides if you ever have to play the game at a real life party, IMDB won’t be there to back you up. Never-the-less, here’s the link to Ted’s film and television appearances just to start everyone off with a good knowledge base.

The challenge was to connect Ted Levine to Traylor Howard not using Monk. You can use film and/or TV roles, just keep rule 2 in mind.

*Neither Ted nor Tony ever appeared on Murder She Wrote.

And here's the only entry... um... I mean, the winner!
Submitted by JuggaloFWA

Step 1: Ted Levine was in Heat with Natalie Portman
Step 2: Natalie Portman was in Mars attacks with Danny DeVito
Step 3: Danny DeVito was in Friends with Courtney Cox
Step 4: Courtney Cox was in Scream with Jamie Kennedy
Step 5: Jamie Kennedy was in Son of Mask with Traylor Howard

Next up, connect Ted Levine to Jason Gray-Stanford
in five steps or less not using Monk.


The wine Natalie
drank had a certain robust
full-bodied flavor
inspired by "Mr. Monk Gets Drunk"

Why did I call Monk?
Ain't no sunshine when she's gone?
And where are my pants?
inspired by "Mr. Monk Goes to Vegas"

Randy can't stall her
Think quick! Put out her presents!
It's a coffeefall

inspired by "Mr. Monk and the
Very, Very Old Man"

Please promise me this
don't let them do number four
even if I die

inspired by "Mr. Monk Meets
the Godfather"

I'm not sure why I hadn't thought of it before, but the world needs a Monk Drinking Game. The first drink goes to Adastra of the USA Monk Message Board for suggesting the idea and providing the initial list. Thanks, Adastra.

I'm endorsing Sierra Springs as the official drinking game beverage, but if you want to use beer or a 20 year old scotch or a nice cabernet, that's up to you.

[1 bottle]Take 1 drink if:

Sharona hands Monk a wipe (2 drinks if Natalie does it)
Sharona rolls her eyes (2 drinks if Natalie does it)
Monk straightens something
Monk evens something out

Monk says, "You'll thank me later"
Monk says, "I just solved the case"
*Monk says, "This is what happened..." or something similar
**** Monk says, "Here's the thing"
‡Monk says, "It's a gift... and a curse" or some variation thereof

[2 bottle]Take 2 drinks if:

Stottlemeyer yells at Monk
Monk mentions Trudy
Monk says, "He/She's the guy"
Monk says, "I could be wrong, but I'm not," or some variation
Monk breaks something or hurts himself while touching, straightening, evening, or otherwise correcting a flaw of some kind

*Monk touches someone/someone's clothes
*Disher makes a fool of himself
*Monk laughs

[3 bottle]Take 3 drinks if:

Monk calls Stottlemeyer "Leland"
Stottlemeyer calls Monk "Adrian"
Trudy's grave is shown
Monk plays his clarinet
Someone kisses Monk

*Monk dances or sings
*Monk is on an elevator without panicking
*Monk gets tricked into doing something he never would do voluntarily
*** Monk passes a light pole without touching it

Chug it if:

Monk kisses someone
Stottlemeyer says, "I just solved the case"
**If Monk doesn't ask for a wipe after shaking someone's hand

* Contributed by a mysterious monkaholic known only as A German Monk Fan
** Contributed by Extreme1climber
*** Contributed by Tom Bartlett
**** Contributed by Kat Hardy

‡ The One and Only Lu and Michael Rauen
‡‡ Reanee' Temple

If you have drinking game suggestions send me an email and I'll add them in.

Action Natalie

No, Action Figure Natalietm is not a real product. If it were, I'd have one.
This is another magical item from the mind of Fan4sure.

A Fan4Sure Ditty
From the Monk Magical Mystery Tour Bus

Hey!!! Glad you have room for ME on the bus! So . . .

Hop on the bus, Gus
Don’t need to discuss much
Just turn on the key, Natalie
And set this bus free

Don’t get too drunk, Monk
So glad you understand, Leland
We’re a little unruly, Julie
But a fun place to be

Want another Corona, Sharona?
Oops, she’ll have to pee, Benji
Pass out some candy, Randy
Hope you’re listening to me

That’s a monkey from a sock, Doc
Monk’s not too moody, Trudy
She’s surely in heaven, Kevin
I think you’ll agree

What’s with Monk’s mother, brother?
You’re the guy who knows, Ambrose
Heard the captain swearin’, Karen
Never really bothers me

Are you feeling blue, Sue?
Need to watch the show, Joe
Just slip out the back, Jack
And get cable TV

Sharona Fleming

Adrian Monk
Natalie Teeger
Cpt. Stottlemeyer
Lt. Disher
Lt. Disher
Dr. Kroger
Dr. Kroger
Julie Teeger
Benjy Fleming
Kevin Dorfman
Marci Maven
Ambrose Monk
Adrian Can't See
Mr. Monk Can't See a Thing
Adrian Dentist
Mr. Monk Goes to the Dentist
Adrian Mexico
Mr. Monk Goes to Mexico
Adrian Asylum
Mr. Monk Goes to the Asylum
Mrs. Ling
Mrs. Ling
Alice Cooper
Alice Cooper
astronaut thumb
The Killer Astronaut
Pipe-in-the-Head Guy

Captain Leland Stottlemeyer (Ted Levine) sings "Ain't No Sunshine"
(Right Click to Download)
Approximately 2MB

SP Stottlemeyer Sunshine

SP Adrian and Trudy

Liv has kindly donated her art to The Monk Fun Page,
so please don't steal it without asking first.

Willie, the Red-Headed Stranger
sung to the tune of
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
by Fan4sure

Willie the red-headed stranger
Guest upon our favorite show
He was accused of killing
A guy he thought stole his dough

All of the cops believed her
This witness that was blind
Monk came to the rescue
And everyone changed their mind

Monk and Willie visit Trudy
They played for her a sweet duet
Willie gently strummed his guitar
With Monk playing the clarinet

Then all the fans applauded
And they shouted out with glee
Willie the red-headed stranger
Knows Monk can solve a mystery!

Tony and Willie


Top Ten Reasons
I’ll Be Watching Season Six of Monk

10) The TiVo season pass is already programmed
9) There’s a chance they may give Randy Disher a little character development
8) Even the least inspired episode of Monk is better than what’s on 200 other channels
7) Checking to see if any guest stars have six fingers
6) Traylor Howard rocks!
5) Enrico Colantoni may make another appearance as Monk’s ex-partner Joe Christie and I wouldn’t want to miss it
4) Bitty said she wished the show well, so she must want me to watch, right?
3) Ted Levine’s big blue eyes
2) Still hoping the producers decide to pay me

and the number one reason I’ll be watching season six of Monk

1) Gotta have da Monk!

Top Ten Differences Between Sharona and Natalie

10) Sharona has a son. Natalie has a daughter.
9) Natalie doesn’t have a purse with her initial on it
8) Sharona’s never killed a guy... that we know of.
7) Natalie’s never danced… professionally.
6) Sharona doesn’t know how to mix a decent cosmopolitan
5) Natalie likes elephants
4) Sharona knows CPR
3) Natalie can’t drink anybody under the table
2) Sharona likes Dick York’s Darrin. Natalie likes Dick Sargent’s Darrin.

and the number one difference between Sharona and Natalie

1) $300 in expenses

Cartoon Title


These cartoons are obviously from The New Yorker, who very kindly let USA Networks have them and they, in turn, have unwittingly passed them on to me. They just go so well with my theme here.

cartoon3 cartoon2


How Did You Get Hooked On MONK?

An ode by fan4sure
originally posted on The USA Network Message Board

The sun it did shine
It was too hot to play
So we sat in the house
All that 4th of July day

I sat there with hubby
We sat there we two
And I said how I wish
We had something to do

Too hot to go out
And a crowd at the lake
So we sat in the house
Barely staying awake

The TV was playing
No one paying attention
Some golf game or something
We were bored, did I mention

A catchy theme song
Then started to play
Began watching a show
That would play all day

A marathon of Monk
Have I seen this before?
This outstanding show
I would come to adore

One after the other
The episodes came
Glued to the set
Is what I became

Since that day
Joined the Monkaholics
No curing the disease
Even with antibiotics

Friends sometimes ask me
To go out Friday night
Think I’ll stay home
But thanks for the invite


Can’t miss an episode
It would make me blue
What would you do
If your friends asked you?


The Advertising Slogan Generator

Although not particularly Monk related, this UK site is a magnificiently fun web toy which creates instant slogans such as:

I am Stuck on The Monk Fun Page, 'Cause The Monk Fun Page's Stuck on Me!

I don't know what it means, but I like it!

hanks to SrgtDisher3 at the USA Board for unearthing it.

Just in case you were wondering —

1) Germs
2) Needles
3) Snakes
4) Milk
5) Heights
6) Crowds
7) Death
8) Lightning
9) Elevators
10) Mushrooms
11) Disorder
12) Dark
13) Enclosed spaces
14) Dirt
15) Spiders
16) Driving
17) Bullies
18) Fire
19) Puppets

20) Tap water
21) Noises
22) Touching
23) Feet
24) Flying
25) Beautiful women
26) Imperfection
27) Dogs
28) Cats
29) Rabbits
30) Monkeys
31) Bridges
32) Public speaking
33) Flies
34) Slime
35) Birds
36) Rivers
37) Tunnels
38) Caves

Monk Buddy Icons — You know you want 'em and here they are. Just right click, save and they're yours!
buddy 1
buddy 2
buddy 3
buddy 5

And you gotta have Monk Wallpaper, right?

monk wallpaper 1 800x600

800X600 1024X768

Group 2
(Last season's wallpaper)
Bitty Paper
(For everyone who still misses Bitty)
Just Monk

(Courtesy of the German Monk Fan Site)

Special thanks to USA Network and Electric Artists for all this fun stuff.

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-- Groucho Marx
Maybe it's that comedian. Wouldn't that be great? -- Adrian Monk
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