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Paley Title

Paley 2
All of these pictures link to bigger pictures when you click on them.

When it was announced in early September that The Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills would be having a Monk event in December ("Monk: 100 Episodes and Counting"), I immediately jumped at the chance and bought a membership and a ticket. I figured I'd just worry about all the details, like where to stay and how to afford it, later. A few months passed and what might have been a one day trip turned into a full scale five day Monk themed vacation. I rented a car, so I could play chauffeur/tour guide for some of my fellow Monk fans, and talked my buddy ToNy into going along for the ride. If you'd like to skip right to the glittery celebrity stuff click here.

Paley Day One
Paley Day Two
Paley Day Three
Paley Day Four
Paley Day Five


Day One title

After stocking up on Diet Dr. Pepper and securing Monk in his bobblehead car seat, we left San Francisco at 8:00am on Saturday morning and drove down the coast heading for Hollywood.

Paley 8
Our first stop was lunch at The Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo.
Paley 7
This is the Madonna Inn main building.
Paley 3
Above is our videographer and trip navigator, ToNy Anderson at the Copper Cafe….
Paley 4
...and The Monk Fun Page editor and chief, me.
Paley 6
This is the wishing well statue outside of the restaurant at the Madonna Inn…
Paley 5
...and the lovely holiday poinsettias.
Paley 9
If you would like to learn more about the Madonna Inn (which was featured in the 1987 film Aria), check out their website.
Paley 10
This is my Aunt Donna. We spent the night at her house in Newbury Park. Donna is a Monk fan, too!


Late on Sunday morning the Monk fans invaded LAX. ToNy, Bobblehead Monk and I were the official welcoming committee.
Paley 11
The first arrival, all the way from Minnesota, was Deb (Aldebaran)...
Paley 12
followed by Amy (Raven) who had just flown in from Wisconsin.
Paley 13
We had a photo op in terminal four.
Paley 14
Bobblehead Monk waited for Kim (fan4sure) at Terminal One, baggage carousel 3...
Paley 16
and so did ToNy while Deb made a call.
Paley 15
Still waiting… because Kim was at carousel 1, not carousel 3…
Paley 17
But she couldn’t fool us… we found her anyway.
Paley 18
Next we checked into our hotel.
Paley 19
Deb and Raven at
The Ramada Hollywood Hotel
Paley 21
Monk checked out the lobby (lobby, lobby)…
Paley 20
and the gift shop…
Paley 22
and the balcony.
Paley 23
First things first: ToNy got the computer revved up…
Paley 24
And Kim got her bobblehead Monk unpacked.
Paley 25
The gang was psyched and ready for the first sightseeing trip…
Paley 26
to nearby Paramount Studios where Monk is filmed.
Paley 27
It was Sunday, so no one was home except security and it was quiet enough for a little photo shoot.
Paley 28
The Melrose Gate was decked for the holiday.
Paley 29
The two Monks…
Paley 30
...are ready for their close-ups.
Paley 31
Bobblehead Monk 1…
Paley 32
…and 2. You can tell Kim’s bobblehead Monk has been working on his tan.
Paley 33
It was getting a little dark, so they turned the lights on for us.
Paley 34
We walked over to the Bronson gate…
Paley 35
and took a few more pictures…
Paley 36
at twilight.
Paley 37
That's the Paramount Christmas tree in the background.
Paley 38
...and Monk Fans at the Bronson Gate.


Paley 39
We had planned to eat at Miceli’s (“Godfather”), but there was a Christmas parade in the way so we settled on Astro Family Restaurant (“Kid”).
Paley 40
Monk is in front of the gas station also featured in “Mr. Monk and the Kid”.
Paley 41
We took another charming group shot while we waited for the rest of the Monk gang.
Paley 42
Interior Astro Family Restaurant. “The Monk Booth” is three booths in. Two old guys got there before us… and seemed pretty comfortable… for hours!
Paley 43
So we took a seat in the back room and every one felt very safe...
Paley 44
...since the adjacent table was filled with police officers.
Paley 45
The rest of our party arrived: Jeff (Two Wolves), Barb (BfloGal), Rob (Bfloguy) and Tami (not in this picture).
Paley 47
We took our time and eventually the old guys (totally unaware of our withering glances) left the “Monk booth” and we moved in for some pictures.


Paley 48
Me, Barb and Mr. Monk…
Paley 49
...and from another perspective.
Paley 50
The Monk gang: L to R Kim, Amy, Teresa, Barb, Deb and Tami
Paley 51
The Monk photographers: Tony and Jeff
Paley 53
A few screen grabs from “Mr. Monk and the Kid”
Paley 52
Be sure to visit Astro Family Restaurant when you’re in Los Angeles. Just remember, take Fountain.


Day Three Title Card

Our big plans for Monday included Universal Studios and the rescheduled Miceli's in Hollywood for dinner. We also manged to work in a unexpected tour of Sunset Boulevard including a bonus Monk location. We started with the buffet breakfast at the Hollywood Hotel. In November 2007 when Kim and I flew in for a set visit, we stayed at the same hotel and got (inedible) square eggs for breakfast. The 2008 eggs didn't taste much better, but of course Monk would have preferred it if they were square.
Paley 54
Monk had no interest in the round eggs...
Paley 55
...or the round waffles
Paley 56
Monk checks out the Universal Studios directory
Paley 57
Between Universal Studios and the Curious George parking lot is Citywalk...
Paley 58
...including the Hard Rock Cafe.
Paley 61
Deb, Amy, Bobblehead Monk,
Kim and me.
Paley 60
Deb, Amy and Kim
Paley 62
Monk with King Kong in the background

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Paley 63
Deb couldn't resist the opportunity for a picture on the Bubba Gump bench.
Paley 64
Neither could Monk. They've got one of these at Parmount Studios, too (and at every other Bubba Gump restaurant)
Paley 69
Monk met some fellow superheroes at the Citywalk gift shop.
Paley 66
What's the opposite of Batman?
Paley  71
Unfortunately Wonder Woman was
a little bit naked-ish.
Paley  70
Mr. Monk also met his honor the Govenator...
Paley 67
...and confronted a couple of super villains.
Paley  68
Paley 72
Mr. Monk and an old man bobbling on a commode. Yikes again!
Paley 65
No Golden Globe this year, but we managed to get him an Oscar.
Paley 73
While we waited for Blfogal and Bfloguy we all had to have a picture taken in front of the Universal Globe.
Paley 74
Let's say this Universal Globe represents the earth.
Paley 75
That's right. It's a globe.
It does represent the earth.
Paley 76
Deb (Aldebaran)
Paley 77
Amy (Raven)
Paley 78
Kim (Fan4sure)
Paley 79
Teresa (Teresa1643)
Paley 80
Barb (Bflogal) arrived and Bfloguy wasn't far behind.
Paley 82
Monk in front of the Universal red carpet entrance.
Paley 83
This young man was demonstrating how to sashay down the red carpet.
Paley 84
Monk got his ticket.
Paley 85
Deb, Amy and Kim got theirs.
Paley 86
Tony, Rob and Barb
Paley 87
Shrek was waiting to greet us when we finally got in.
Paley 88
The Curious George attraction...
Paley 89
... will have a bigger part in this story later.
Paley 90
Curious George was also waiting to greet us.
Paley 91
It's hard to tell on the unenlarged photo, but George is not making a rude gesture.
Paley 92
He's got his finger in his mouth (a nervous habit apparently)

Paley 93
So Deb, did you notice Curious George was missing something? That's right: a tail.
Paley 94
Mr. Monk Goes Fishing
Paley 95
If sharks weren't on Monk's phobia list...
Paley 96
...I'm sure they are now.
Paley 97
Monk in front of the fake Hollywood backdrop
Paley 99
Deb gave Monk a boost up to look at the real thing.
Paley 98
Monk in front of the real Hollywood backdrop.
Paley 100
Amy, ready for the Universal Studios Tour
Paley 101
The Monk gang comes down the escalator.


Paley 102
Barb on the escalator
Paley 103
Monk in line for the tour
Paley 104
Monk waited for the tram...
Paley 105
...and stood on his number as requested.
Paley 106
The tram arrived...
Paley 107
...and Monk took his seat.
Paley 108
Barb seemed pretty happy to be there.
Paley 109
ToNy usually had at least two cameras going.
Paley 110
Scooby Doo's Mystery Machine was apparently delivering scooby snacks.
Paley 111
One of many backlot bungalows. This was once Alfred Hitchcock's production office.
Paley 112
The bridge collapsed right after we drove over it (and then promptly uncollapsed.)
Paley 114
Mr. Monk and the DeLorean
Paley 115
Monk and one of the locations from
"Mr. Monk Goes to Mexico"
Paley 118
Deb and another location from "Mexico"
Paley 116
Deb and the backlot
Paley 117
The waters parted just for us.
Paley 119
Another shark. This one is in what used to pass for Cabot Cove on Murder She Wrote.
Paley 120
The Chicken Ranch
Paley 121
Wisteria Lane (Colonial Street) was a
"closed set" for the day.
Paley 122
Mr. Monk Goes to Whoville
Paley 123
Just north of Whoville is the Bates Motel.
Paley 124
Norman Bates was home, disposing of a body...
Paley 113
...and trying to eliminate possible witnesses.
Paley 125
Monk might have solved the crime
if the tram had stopped.
Paley 127
The War of the Worlds plane crash site
Paley 128
We enjoyed it, but the tour was a little short because last year's fire had damaged the King Kong attraction.
Paley 129
Bobblehead Monk rode the escalator back up from the studio tour all by himself. Video footage still to come.
Paley 130
Next stop: The Animal Actors Show
Paley 131
Everyone found a seat.
Paley 132
The Monkey got the show rolling.
Paley 133
The host arrived with some kind of parrot.
Paley 135
The star of the show
Paley 136
The dog from the Bush's Baked Beans commercials
Paley 137
This dog co-starred in
Beverly Hills Chihauhau
Paley 138
Ain't she sweet?
(or he? I can't remember which.)
Paley 139
Mr. Monk and the Orangutan

Paley 140
The parrot waved goodbye.

Paley 141
Mr. Monk on the Blues Brother's car
Paley 142
Mr. Monk at 221B Baker Street
Paley 143
Kim and Monk and a Royal Guard
Paley 144
Mr. Monk in front of the Hollywood Globe Theater
Paley 145
Mr. Monk in a phone booth with no phone...
Paley 146
...but at least it's not a public restroom.
Paley 147
Lucy Ricardo stopped to have a chat with us and she brought along Ricky Ricardo. Babaloooo!
Paley 148
Before we parted she whispered that she thought I'd been hitting the Vegavitavegamin, (like I was the only one carrying a doll. )
Paley 149
Mr. Monk meets Chuckie.
Paley 151
Mr. Monk meets the Incredible Hulk...
Paley 152
and Bobblehead Wolverine...
who he almost adopted.
Paley 153
Waiting in line for the Shrek 3D show.
Paley 154
Mr. Monk did adopt bobblehead Shrek and Donkey (and Princess Fiona, not pictured.)
Paley 155
Kim and Amy made sure that all the little bobbleheads were properly aligned.
Paley 156
Mr. Monk meets the Grinch
Paley 157
Mr. Monk meets the Simpsons
Paley 159
Monk entered Krustyland...
Paley 160
after he met the height requirement.
Paley 161
Mr. Monk and the Space Capsule
Paley 162
Monk was pretty sure none of these astronauts had committed a murder.
Paley 162
So everyone got a picture with them...
Paley 164
...except Amy who had to take a call
Paley 165
Mr. Monk and another view of the backlot
Paley 166
Mr. Monk at the longest ride in the park...
Paley 167
...the escalator ride.
Paley 169
We had lunch with Beetlejuice
in the lower lot.
Paley 171
I don't know why he seemed so
surprised to see Monk...
Paley 170
...and so happy to see Deb and Amy...
Paley 168
...because they weren't all that
thrilled to see him.
Paley 172
Mr. Monk joined me and Tony
on The Mummy Ride...
Paley 173
...and discovered yet another phobia...
Paley 174
...pharaohphobia (fear of mummies).
Paley 175
Mr. Monk went on the Jurassic Park ride.
Paley 158
Just kidding.
Even I won't go on the Jurrasic Park ride.
Paley 176
Paley 177
Scooby and Shaggy

This is as close as Monk wanted to get.

Paley 178
Apparently they came in
the Mystery Machine

Paley 179
I had to get a picture of our Scooby Gang.
Paley 183
Tony at the Kwik-E-Mart
Paley 184
Monk at the Kwik-E-Mart
Paley 185
Mr. Monk and 100 Homer Simpsons.
The Kwik-E-Mart clerk tipped us off that Monk had filmed at Universal the month before at the Curious George attraction.
Paley 186
This one of the most popular attractions. No, no, no, not Waterworld. The restrooms, of course.
Paley 187
They kicked us out at 6:00pm and
Bflogal & guy called it a night...
Paley 188
...but the rest of us were just getting started.
One last shot and we hit Citywalk again.
Paley 190
Monk with all the awards he deserves.
Paley 191
ToNy... stylin!
Paley 193
Paley 192
Paley 194
Tony had to wait for the women to finish shopping.
Paley 198
In the last toy store Monk met Sonny Chow (actually two Sonny Chows, wrapped in plastic)
Paley 196
and a gorilla
Paley 197
and a dinosaur
Paley 195
and Yoda.
Paley 199
"Size matters not."
— Yoda
Paley 200
Citywalk at night
Paley 201
Amazing Aldebaran


We left Universal and headed for Miceli's in Hollywood. We were going in the right direction, but I missed the turn off so we drove up and down Sunset Boulevard for a while. (I think they call that cruisin' when you do it on purpose) This turned out to be fortuitous. On our last time out Kim and I had spotted the Farm Fresh Market on Sunset where Monk and Hal met in "Mr. Monk Makes a Friend". So we kept our eyes peeled and found it again. Bad news. It was closed... permanently, but for our bobblehead photo session purposes it was just fine.

Paley 202
Paley 205
Paley 204
Paley 207
Paley 206
Paley 208


We finally made it to Miceli's for a cozy meal as well as some piano bar singing. (No, we weren't singing. They had a professional doing it.) We finished off the night with a leisurely stroll down Hollywood Boulevard to look at the stars on the sidewalk and the footprints in front of the Chinese Theater.

Paley 209
Paley 203
Amy, Kim, Deb and Tony
Paley 214
Kim unwinds
Paley 213
Tony looks at his Universal pictures
Paley 211
Deb and Monk
Paley 212
Monk and Amy
Paley 215
Enjoying our traditional Italian meal
Paley 210
The Monk Gang in front of Miceli's
Paley 222
Hollywood Boulevard
Paley 16
Monk gets his own star along with the likes of...
Paley 217
Dean Martin
Paley 218
Harrison Ford
Paley 224
Charlie Chaplin
Paley 225
P Diddy
Paley 236
Fred Astaire
Paley 237
and Ekaterina Klenova (No, she doesn't really have a star yet either, but she's dreaming big.)
Paley 219
Tony filming the stars.
Paley 223
Monk wasn't interested in
Fredericks of Hollywood
Paley 220
Movie Stars Homes and Crime Scenes
Paley 221
Monk found that interesting.
Paley 226
Grauman's (now Mann's) Chinese Theater
Paley 227
Bette Davis
Paley 228
Roy Rogers and Trigger
Paley 229
Humphrey Bogart
Paley 230
Gene Kelly
Paley 231
Cary Grant
Paley 232
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Paley 234
Donald Duck
Paley 233
Harry Potter
Paley 235
The Cast of Star Trek
Paley 238
The Scientology Christmas Display
Paley 239
Economic Crisis Special
Paley 240
ToNy was beat after a long day
Paley 241
and so was Monk.

Kim provided my bobblehead Monk with his own sleeping bag/carrying case as well as a special gift for his then upcoming Disneyland trip. (Thanks, Kim! He loves his bag.)

Paley Continued
Click above to read the rest of the story, or at least what I have so far.


Paley Day One
Paley Day Two
Paley Day Three
Paley Day Four
Paley Day Five

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