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Nous avons des fans partout dans le monde :
en Allemagne, Australie, Japon, Chine et bien sûr en France!
La déclaration de Tony Shalhoub en français
We have fans everywhere in the world: in Germany, Australia, Japan, China and of course in France! — Tony Shalhoub [in what was probably the original English]

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The German Monk Fan Site
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Herzlich Willkommen auf, der größten "Monk"-Fansite im deutschsprachigen Web. Hier findet ihr alle Infos, aktuelle News, einen ausführlichen Episodenguide und viele weitere interessante Dinge rund um den schrulligsten Detektiv der TV-Geschichte - Adrian Monk. Und nun: Viel Spaß auf!

And introducing...
The British Monk
Fan Site

Mr. Monk Rules the World

Monk has been or is being broadcast in 34 countries around the world!

Hong Kong

New Zealand
United Kingdom
United States

If you have information on when, where or how Monk is being broadcast in any of these countries or if you know of a country to be added to the list, please drop me an email.

Mr. Monk Goes to the U.K.

Monk is back on in the UK. Both the BBC and the Hallmark Channel UK have added Monk to their schedules. BBC2 has series four once a week (Saturday afternoon) and Hallmark UK is airing reruns of series two Monday through Friday.

In the spring, long before the pick-up, I dropped the BBC a note to see where they stood Monk-wise. The Beeb had this to say:

Dear Teresa

Thank you for your e-mail regarding 'Monk'.

I understand you would like to know if the BBC will be airing future episodes of this programme.

If I may explain, at this time the BBC only have the rights to broadcast the first three series of 'Monk'. However, we are currently in negotiations to purchase the rights to broadcast series four and five, and we hope to broadcast them in the near future.

Thank you again for taking the time to contact the BBC.

John Maguire
BBC Information

Feel free to drop them an e-note and let them know how happy you are that the difficult Monk negotiations ended satisfactorily at I don't know for sure, but the internet petition to encourage the BBC to bring back Monk, may have had a little to do with it.

Mr. Monk Goes to France

My french is a little rusty, but after a little web surfing I gather that reruns of Monk's fourth season are currently airing in France on the TV network TF1 and they are impatiently awaiting the fifth season. Tony Shalhoub recently gave an interview to a french entertainment website,

Excerpt from
October 2006

Que pensez-vous du succès de "Monk" ?

Monk and Natalie

C'est vraiment une série unique et marrante, un équilibre entre le drame et la comédie. Nous avons d'excellents scénaristes qui me permettent en plus d'ajouter un peu de ma personnalité. Et puis cette série n'est pas une usine à pondre des épisodes, on n'en fait que 16 ou 17 par an, ce qui permet d'avoir une qualité parfaite et de ne pas être crevé après le boulot. Ce rythme me donne également la chance de me consacrer à une carrière sur le grand écran.

My very "loose" translation:

What do you think about the success of "Monk"?

This is really a unique and funny series with a balance between the drama and the comedy. We have excellent scriptwriters who allow me to add a little of my own personality. And then this series is not a factory to produce episodes, we only do 16 or 17 per year. This allows a more perfect quality and not to be burnt out after the work. This rhythm gives me equally the luxury to devote myself to a career on the big screen.

For those who have a better understanding of french than me (which includes almost everyone) here's the Full Article.

Many fine Monk products can be found at Amazon - France including:

Episode Guide
Monk: The Official
Episode Guide

The books are all in english. The DVDs can be viewed with subtitles or dubbed in french/spanish.

Mr. Monk Goes to Hungary

I don't have much information on Monk in Hungary, but I do have this little video clip that's been dubbed in Hungarian:

This clip is huge (almost 10MB)
If you start the download be prepared to invest a little time.

Mr. Monk Goes to Germany

My german is not much better than my french, but it seems that the fourth season of Monk is also being broadcast in Germany on RTL Television four or five times a month.

Courtesy of our sister site in Germany we have an interview with the actor who dubs Lt. Disher's voice.

Interview with Klaus-Peter Grap
[dubbing Jason Gray-Stanford in Germany]
By Markus Tusche for
[February 2005]
Translation by Jezebeljack

Klaus-Peter Grap
Klaus-Peter Grap was born on Nov 22, 1958 in Berlin. Since 1997, Mr Grap has done radio and cabaret work, has acted on both stage and television and has worked as a writer and dubbing artist. Mr Grap has lent his voice to many characters, such as Dr. Luka Kovac from ER and Dr. Daniel Jackson from Stargate SG1. Now he is also known as the German voice of Lieutenant Randall Disher from the TV show Monk.

We had the chance to ask Mr. Grap a few questions which predominantly dealt with his work as a dubbing artist and with his dubbing role of Lieutenant Randall Disher in particular.
Monk-Tv: Mr Grap, thank you for granting us this little interview. How did you get the role of dubbing Jason Gray-Stanford who plays Lt. Disher in the TV show Monk?

Klaus Peter Grap: I have been working as actor and dubbing artist since 1977. Together with Andreas Pollak who directed season one and with Hermes Synchron, I have been the German voice of Dr. Daniel Jackson from Stargate for 8 years. So, those people knew me well. Also, Jason and I have the same jug ears, so there was a physical hint as well. And in addition to that, I just love being the comedian, I love being funny.

Monk-Tv: How would you describe your typical workday?

Klaus Peter Grap: Well, you come to the studio a little before your appointment; you read through the contents of the script and have a look at your takes, if possible, so you know the direction which the character and scenes are developing towards. When it’s your turn, you go to the speaker's desk, read the German text, listen to and look at the original, and then you try to synchronize the German words to the lip movements of the original actors.

grap 2

This is really difficult, because often the English texts are much shorter, yet the German version mustn’t sound hurried. The hardest of all are science fiction and hospital shows because they use a lot of technical terms which are difficult for us to pronounce, but which should sound natural. Also, the combination of English and German can be a problem. Examples would be: „Ihr Thunfischsandwich, Sergeant Smith!“ (Your tuna sandwich, Sergeant Smith!) or „Lady Rachel reitet gen Riverwholestedt, anstatt Richtung Richmond.“ (Lady Rachel is riding towards Riverwholestedt instead of towards Richmond.

Monk-Tv : Are you working together with the other dubbing artists of „Monk“ or do you record everything separately?

Klaus Peter Grap: That depends on the schedules; both are possible.

Monk-Tv : How long does it take to dub one episode?

Klaus Peter Grap: I'd say, about 1 ½ days.

Monk-Tv : Are you in contact with the other dubbing artists of „Monk“?

Klaus Peter Grap: We‘ve all known each other for years. I've already done theatre with Gauss [dubbing Capt. Stottlemeyer] 2 times.

Monk-Tv : Do you try to put yourself in the character’s place before you start dubbing?

Klaus Peter Grap: Well, you watch the scene and then you try to empathize with it. It's like acting.

Monk-Tv : Can you identify with the character of Lieutenant Disher?

Klaus Peter Grap: This part would have been perfect for me, too, and I would have been more than happy to play that part.

grap 5

Monk-Tv : What do you think about the TV show „Monk“?

Klaus Peter Grap: I like it because it’s not a plain show and because the character Monk is just amazing.

Monk-Tv : Personally, what do you like best about dubbing?

Klaus Peter Grap: I just love working!

Monk-Tv : Do you have a dream that you want to see come true, and if so, what is it?

Klaus Peter Grap: To be able to choose the parts I‘m dubbing myself.

Monk-Tv : Thank you very much for taking time for this interview. I wish you much success in your career pursuits and in your private life.


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