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Major Doug Keller is a Monk fan currently stationed overseas in the desert town of Balad, Iraq. Early in December he had the chance to meet Traylor Howard (Natalie).

"We had a USO Show and Traylor Howard showed up for us when the other actress couldn't make it," writes Doug. "She was awesome. What a great person. I can not wait to get back home so I can watch tv again.

"Here are some pictures from the show. She was a last minute addition on about 13 December. She has a great personality and she performed like she had been doing these shows for years. She was a perfect fit and we were so lucky to have her and the others perform for us.

"Traylor told jokes, played the part of teasing the guys... Which she did well. Pretty much a host for all the acts and a good side-kick to Al Franken. Overall sharing her stories of her trip and how it changed her outlook on life to a degree. Visiting troops in the hospital will affect any human being emotionally."

Doug is looking forward to the first Monk novel, Mr. Monk Goes to the Firehouse, which is told from Natalie's viewpoint. "Whenever you are done with your copies we could use some over in the desert or ask the book companies to ship some over to us. Thanks!"

If you'd like to send a Monk novel to someone in the military overseas, drop me an email.


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Traylor and Keni Thomas

Traylor and Al Franken
Traylor on stage
Traylor Howard, Major Doug and Al Franken
Traylor gets a military escort


Traylor trashes celebrities for shutting out troops
By Marilyn Beck and Stacy Jenel Smith
Article Launched: 02/24/2006 12:00 AM PST
The L.A. Daily News

"Monk" actress Traylor Howard takes the entertainment community to task for not stepping up in larger numbers to support our troops in Iraq.

"I think it's such a shame Hollywood people won't go over there," says Howard, who traveled to Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan in December with Al Franken and a USO troupe. "They're risking their lives, haven't seen their wives, husbands and families ... They need people to come, and they deserve that. I'm not brave, and I'm the most nonpolitical, nonwar person, but I felt there was no reason not to go. And it doesn't matter what your political viewpoints are - Al is very left - you're just supporting the soldiers."

She says the trip was "the most fulfilling thing I've ever done in my life. I was so impressed with those soldiers, and they were so appreciative. One sergeant major who'd served about 30 years and was getting ready to retire said at one show, 'It's worth being here for 22 months just for tonight.' And when the r&b singer Rachel pulled this young soldier up on stage to dance with her in Afghanistan, he turned out to be this wonderful dancer. When tears started coming down his face just from being able to express himself in that way, I was just like, 'Take my blood, take whatever you need ... You just want to hug and kiss every single one of them."

Howard admits the whole experience "was surreal. We stayed at Saddam Hussein's palace, which has been turned into a headquarters, for three days. We were wearing helmets and bulletproof vests the whole time, flying in Black Hawks with the doors open... And we went to hospitals and saw horrible things. Normally I don't have the stomach for that, but all the people are just so happy you're there, actually giving them hope." She adds, "I never felt unsafe. You're on military bases the whole time, and they're very protective and look out for you. I'd go back tomorrow."


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