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November 2007
Brian Prescott 1

Brian Prescott is the talented, hard working actor who will be playing the crucial role of the Canine Cop in the first part of the upcoming two part Monk episode "Mr. Monk is on the Run", the sixth season finale. Brian has worked on numerous television, film, commercial and theater productions including CSI: Miami, Transfomers, a Geico caveman commercial and a lot of Shakespeare. He also juggles and is an undefeated air hockey champion. MFP correspondent Agnieszka Wojczyk tracked down Brian and got this brief, but informative interview.

How did you get your role in "Mr. Monk is on the Run" Part 1"?

I was brought in straight to the producers to read for the part. I was in Hong Kong a week later when my agent called to inform me that I had booked the role. I had to cut my trip short and fly home in time for the wardrobe fitting. An exciting, whirlwind week for me.

Who do you play?

An Angel County Canine Cop. With dogs and everything.

How long you were on the Monk set?

We shot my stuff in two days. Both days were right in the middle of the Agua Dulce, CA wild fires. We weren't sure if our shooting location was going to be consumed by the fires so it was really touch and go there for a while.

Did you meet main characters played by Tony Shalhoub, Traylor Howard, Ted Levine etc?

Yes, I met all of them. Mr. Shalhoub is very hands-on as he is also a producer on Monk.

Did you meet other co-stars from this episode?

I was very excited to work directly opposite one of my favorite actors Scott Glenn (Silence of the Lambs, Backdraft, Urban Cowboy). All my scenes were with Mr. Glenn and he was really fun.

Brian Prescott 2

What can you tell me about this episode?

Can't share too much. Wouldn't want to spoil anything. Most of my scenes are between Scott Glenn and I who plays Sheriff Rollins. I got to run through the misty woods with the canine search team. Working with the dogs was a real cool experience. Three big German Shepards, three completely different personalities, and strengths. They paired me up with "Jack" the first day and with "Henry" the second. Jack was great for the running scenes where he got to be the lead dog through the trees of Descanso Gardens. And the next day I worked with Henry who was better at the more 'subtle' parts of dog-acting...like sniffing for treats and lying down with his head on the ground. :)

Brian Prescott 3

Is it funny, sad, bittersweet or everything in one episode?

I was laughing pretty hard reading this script. It's such smart, witty writing.

How it’s to work with Randall Zisk?

Randy was great. He knew just what he wanted and was able to communicate that very clearly to his actors.

Did you watch Monk before you got the role?

I've seen it a few times. I don't often have a lot of time to watch TV.

What do you think about the Monk series?

It's great. All the people working on Monk are such professionals.

Do you know when this episode will be on broadcast?

February 2008. A two-part episode.

Where have you played before? In what series, movies etc?

I can be currently seen as a recurring character on CBS' new drama "Cane". I play Hunter, the wise-cracking Duque Rum marketing exec. My next episode is Tues, Nov 27th at 10pm PST on CBS. I also played Jon Voight's top aide in "Transformers" now on DVD. I just finished filming Clint Eastwood's new directed feature film "The Changeling" I will play the Bailiff in this 1920's crime drama inspired by true events starring Angelina Jolie.
Brian Prescott 4
Brian in a Comcast commercial
with his hero and mine, Mr. T


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