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The Made-Up New York Premiere Report

[Tony Shalhoub]
January 23rd 2004

Made-Up, directed by Tony Shalhoub and starring Brooke Adams, premiered at the Angelika Film Center in Manhattan on January 23rd. The theater was sold out for the 7:30pm showing after which Tony, Brooke and Lynne Adams were scheduled to do a Q and A. I'd gotten my tickets well in advance and I brought along my friend and personal photographer, Seth Williams. He took all the photos for me. (Thanks, Seth.)

First things first: the film is wonderful. It's funny, surprising and poignant. Brooke Adams is perfect in the starring part. She hasn't done much acting in the past eight years, except for a memorable appearance in "Mr. Monk and the Airplane" as the put-upon flight attendant, but she had no problem nailing this role. The supporting parts are filled by equally able players, including Light Eternity (Mr. Monk Goes to the Theater, Speed Date #2) and Lance Krall ("Mr. Monk Goes to the Circus", Floppy the Clown and "Mr. Monk and the Three Pies", Bingo Checker.) Of course, Tony Shalhoub also appears in the film. He's very charming, very funny and very not-Monk.

After the film screening, Tony, Brooke, Lynne, Light Eternity, Composer Michael Wolff and Editor Michael Matzdorff took questions from the audience. Unfortunately my skills with pre-1990's technology, like tape recorders, have degenerated and I didn't get the Q and A.

I do remember, however, that the audience loved Made-Up. And this is one of the questions/answers that stuck in my mind:

Audience Member: (to Tony) Is this the first project you've ever directed?

Tony Shalhoub: It shows, doesn't it?

[No, as a matter of fact it doesn't.]

After the Q and A, the stars got the chance to mingle with the sell out crowd in the lower lobby of the film center, which was only warm in comparison to the upper lobby we were all shortly herded into. It was there that Lynn Chapman (thanks again, Lynn) introduced me to Tony Shalhoub and I asked him a few not very well thought out questions.

Lynn: She does a web site on Monk. It's very good. It's all about you. It's really wonderful. She has an interview on there with the little girl from the Airplane episode.

[At the time I thought it was a lovely introduction, but later that night when I saw the promo for the upcoming episode "Mr. Monk and the T.V. Star" I was the teeniest bit mortified that Sarah Silverman's dialogue as the obsessed fan comes so close to this. "I even made a website. It's all about you." I feel kind of creepy now.]

Tony: Wow. I'm afraid. I don't check out those web sites. I'm afraid of them. I'm afraid they'll torture me.

MFP: No, mine's called "The Monk Fun Page". There are only good things on it.

Tony: Oh, then I'll check it out.

MFP: This is my friend [and photographer] Seth.

Seth: Sorry, I keep blinding you [with the flash.]

MFP: He's probably used to that by now.

Tony: (Sarcastically, or is that sardonically?) I like it.

MFP: Did I hear you were going to be filming in New York?

Tony: I'm doing a few days on an independent movie and then Monk is going to shoot a few days in New York because the first episode [of the 3rd season] takes place in New York.

MFP: But how do you get Monk to New York?

Tony: Well, that you have to watch the last episode of this season to find out how he gets to New York.

MFP: Are you going to direct any Monk?

Tony: I hope so, but it would have to be an episode that I was light in. You know like, if I got abducted or something like that and I didn't have to appear in every scene.

MFP: What was your favorite episode to do?

Tony: Well, the one that airs tonight [Mr. Monk and the Three Pies.] John Turturro plays Monk's brother. That's one of our best. He is excellent.

Seth: We should be watching it when we get home.

MFP: We're really looking forward to that one.

Tony: Then I like the coma episode, with the coma guy [Mr. Monk and the Sleeping Suspect] and I like the Airplane episode also that my wife was in.

MFP: It was very funny episode. There actually hasn't been a bad episode yet.

Tony: Well, they're coming. We've got them. Just wait.

Another Fan: My favorite was the one with [She describes the first review board scene from Carnival.]

Tony: Carnival, I love that one.

MFP: That was the first one I saw.

Tony: That could have been a pilot.

That's it. Tony was whisked away at this point and Seth and I went out for Thai food, before heading home to watch "Mr. Monk and the Three Pies."

Here are some of Seth's pictures.

Tony Shalhoub in a crowd

Tony Shalhoub and Brooke Adams

Lynne Adams with Roses

Tony Shalhoub with roses

Light Eternity

L to R: Brooke Adams, Light Eternity, Tony Shalhoub, Lynne Adams

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