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12-year-old newcomer Katelyn Pippy guest starred in “Mr. Monk and Little Monk,” the summer season finale of Monk, which aired Friday August 26, 2005 on USA. Her character, Young Sherry, was in the flashback sequences. Young Adrian Monk was played by Grant Rosenmeyer. Katelyn also recently made a short film with Tony Shalhoub entitled Maybe It’s in the Water, directed by Emmy nominated Monk director Randy Zisk. Katelyn had just finished taping a guest starring role in The Disney’s Channels’ The Suite Life with Zack and Cody when we did this interview. She plays the daughter of the French Ambassador.

Katelyn was happy to answer a few questions for the Monk Fun Page and now she's off to New York to audition for a new musical. Thank you, Katelyn!

Update, July 4th 2009 — Katelyn is co-starring in the Lifetime cable series Army Wives which will soon begin its third season.
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As an East Coast actress how did you happen to get an audition for Monk?
Katelyn: I was in LA for pilot season and I filmed a short film with Mr. Shalhoub.  One of the executive producers of Monk, Mr. Randy Zisk was the director of the short film, so I had a chance to work with them both.  Also the casting director for the short film was the same from Monk.  They had all requested me to audition for the role of Young Sherry.

Was the Monk audition difficult? Did you know right away you had the role?
Katelyn: No, I flew in with my Grammy from Pittsburgh and did the table read.  I did not know right away because they told my agent that it would depend on who they cast as the adult Sherry, if I looked like her enough.  They said it would take a few days to find out.

Since you're part of the flashback sequences, did you have much interaction with the regular cast? If so what was you impression of them?
Katelyn: They were not there when we were taping, but Grant (Young Adrian) and I got to go in a day early to observe the adults we were playing.  It was nice to see Mrs. Bullock [Donna Bullock, who will play older Sherry] again as she had played my mother in the short film.  She was very nice to me.  Also, it was very cool to watch Mr. Shalhoub work with the others.  Very fun!

Who was your director? Was working with him difficult or easy?
Katelyn: Our director was Mr. Bob Singer.  He was so great to work for.  He had a lot of patience with us kids.  He was good at telling us exactly what he wanted and then we would do it.  It was a little hard to work there at the school because the kids there were really in school and sometimes they were loud, but I think the creative team and the crew kept calm about it all.  It was three days of filming the flashbacks, and I really liked working with Mr. Singer and also all the producers and crew were very nice and helpful to us.

What was the first day on the set like? Were you nervous?

Katelyn: Since the flashback scenes were all done on location, all of the days were pretty exciting.  We got to see our trailers, they showed us around, there were a lot of extras to play the other students, and it was just fun.  I also got to meet Shane and Jimmy who were guest stars with us.

We started working right away and so there was not really time to be nervous. The producers, director and crew made all of us feel at ease and of course our parents were there with us as well.  At the end of the day I told my mom I knew that this is really what I wanted to do.

Did it put you at ease having worked with Tony Shalhoub before?
Katelyn: Yes.  It was so great to get to have the chance to see him work again.  He is just so funny!

What was it like making the film with Tony? And what is the film about?
Katelyn: The film is really focused on the relationship between the father (Mr. Shalhoub) and the son (Daryl Sabara).  My interaction with them was a few scenes during family meals.  It was the best experience as it was my first film, which I will always remember.  Also, my dad got to go with me on set, which was a lot of fun as well. (Usually my mom goes with me). 

What’s your favorite thing about acting?
Katelyn: I just really like doing it. I am really happy when I am performing.  I like to play a lot of different characters.  So far I have only been on comedies, but I would like to guest star on a drama like CSI, Medium or Without A Trace sometime.  I LOVE comedies, but I would also like to try out other types of acting.

What’s the worst part about acting?
Katelyn: I don't know if there is a bad part about acting.  I have only been doing it for a short time, but I like it so much. I have met a lot of good friends from acting.  Sometimes it is hard when you feel like you are perfect for a part and then you find out that you did really well on an audition, but they just picked someone else for no particular reason.  But, that's just part of how it works, and you have to be able to forget about it and think about the next audition.

Do you have a favorite actor or actress? Why are they your favorite?
Katelyn: My favorite actress is Julie Andrews.  I really admire her and look up to her for what she has accomplished on stage and screen.

You’ve done TV, film and stage acting now: which do you like best and why?
Katelyn: Well, to be honest, my first love is musical theatre.  I have done it for 3 years now, with my first role being Annie (what else!!)  I would love to perform on Broadway someday.  But there just aren't too many opportunities for 12 1/2 year old girls, especially if you are tall like me.  I started auditioning for TV less than a year ago now, and I really like it.  I am hoping to do even more guest starring roles this year (right now I am working on Disney's The Suite Life of Zack and Cody) and hopefully book a pilot next year!  One of my goals is also to work on a feature film!

Is there a particular role you’d like to play in the future?
Katelyn: I would love to have my own series, a comedy series but also where I could dance and sing and bring a lot of happiness to others.  That is my DREAM!!

What do you do to relax?
Katelyn: I play ICE HOCKEY on both a boys and a girls team!! 


Many thanks to Kathy Pippy for all her assitance to me and her devotion to Katelyn.

Tuesday August 23, 2005 11:41 PM

katelyn sings
Katelyn sings!

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