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Loren Freeman

Elton Herbert - General Hospital

[Loren Freeman]

Michael Fairman

Harry Silver - General Hospital

[Michael Fairman]

Stephen T. Kay

Reginald Jennings - General Hospital

[Stephen T. Kay]

Michael O'Connell

Officer Rick Johnson - General Hospital

[Michael O'Connell]

Cosie Costa

Lou, The Pizza Guy - Port Charles

[Cosie Costa]

Jean Bruce Scott

Nurse Colleen - Port Charles

[Jean Bruce Scott]

Eddie Velez

Det. Alex Garcia - Port Charles/General Hospital

[Eddie Velez]

Denise Galik-Furey

Rhonda Wexler - Port Charles/General Hospital

[Denise Galik-Furey]

These are the first of our T 'n' T Profiles
Quick pages on our favorite underpublicized actors from General Hospital, and our other favorite shows.
We will be doing more profiles in the future.
Please contact us if you have any information, links or photos about our profile performers.


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