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July 2008


Amy on Monk Set
Amy Crofoot behind the scenes on Monk

MFP correspondent Agnieszka tracked down Amy Crofoot, another guest star from the upcoming seventh season episode "Mr. Monk Gets Lotto Fever". Amy has guest starred in many television shows, including a recurring role on Will and Grace. She shared a few memories and insights about shooting her Monk episode.

I'm thrilled to be a part of your fun page and love that you all enjoy the show so much. Thanks for including me. Here is a link to my website:

How did you get your role in Monk?

My agent submitted me for the role, and I went in for an audition with the casting director. Shortly after I left the office, I received a message that I had a callback to read for the producers and director of the show. During the producers' session, they were so supportive and I felt very comfortable in the room. It turned out the director of the episode, Michael Zinberg, had directed me in my very first television role and he remembered me! I got a call several days later that the role was mine.

Did you work with Tony Shalhoub, Traylor Howard or other main cast?

Yep. I had the privilege of working with all of the main cast members - Tony, Traylor, Ted and Jason.

How was it to work with them?

All of the actors were incredible! It was such a fun set. You can tell that the cast really likes each other and have been working together for a long time. Tony came into the make-up trailer first thing in the morning with doughnuts and greeted everyone with a smile.

Amy Crofoot 1

How it was to work with the director of this episode?

The director, Michael Zinberg, was fantastic! I just love him. He's such a pro!

What can you tell me about this episode?

Not much until it airs. You can tell by the title that it has something to do with the Lotto, but I can't reveal any more!

Where was this episode filmed?

We shot my scene at the Paramount lot in Hollywood, CA.

How long did you film?

I worked on the show for one, 12-hour day, but the episode shot over 5-7 days.

Before you got this role, did you watch Monk?

I have been watching Monk since the first season. I have to say, that I loved Bitty Schram as well and I really wish she were still a part of the series in some way.

Amy Crofoot 2

Do you know if this episode will include Hector Elizondo?

Not sure.

What are your favorite TV shows, movies, music?

My absolute favorite show is the American version of The Office. I am obsessed and can't get enough of it! I'm also a big fan of 30 Rock and Pushing Daisies. I love television, and try to watch everything I can. My favorite movie is The Princess Bride. I dig all different types of music, but, as a child of the 80s, music of that era will always hold a special place in my heart.

When did you know that you wanted to be an actress?

I've always been an actor. As a kid, I would put on plays and musicals for my family and their friends, dragging my cousins in on the action. Also, I would read books into a tape recorder and create my own personal books on tape. I officially had my first part in our third grade version of The Wizard of Oz, as Glinda the Good Witch of the North.

If you couldn't be an actress what would you be?

I can't imagine doing anything else with my life. It's such a tough business, that you either have to love it, or get out! :)

What is your favorite role you've played?

My favorite role was on Will & Grace. I played a singing nurse.

What role would you like to play in future?

Amy Crofoot 3

I'd love to have a series regular part on The Office! However, there are way too many fun roles out there, so there is no way for me to narrow it down.

I hope this helps you out. Have fun watching the show!

Amy Crofoot 4


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