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August 4th 2009

Taylor and Tony
Tony Shalhoub & Taylor Longbrake behind the scenes

Taylor Longbrake is a multi-talented young lady making her TV series debut as Cathy Cooper in the season eight premiere episode "Mr. Monk's Favorite Show" on Friday, August 7th. 12-year-old Taylor worked in commercials and theater, before bing cast in Monk.

Taylor is also an experienced singer. She was a finalist on America's Most Talented Kid and she has performed the national anthem for the Angels of Anaheim, the L.A. Lakers and the Los Angeles Kings.

Taylor has the same favorite actress that I do, Julie Andrews. Very groovy, Taylor!

Pictures Behind the Scenes of "Mr. Monk's Favorite Show"
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Why do you think they chose you for the role on Monk?

I think I brought the character to life the way they had envisioned her! I also added my personality to the role as Cathy Cooper. I also made the casting directors laugh in my audition which always helps! I told a few jokes and added some fun to the lines!

How did you prepare for the role?

I asked my mom tons of questions about The Brady Bunch and tried to make myself into Marcia Brady.

What was your first day on the set like?

My first day on set we all took pictures individually and as a family to put around the set to look like we lived there and also for Monk's DVD he uses in the show. We also tried on tons of outfits until they found just the perfect three outfits I wore in the show. It was fun to to dress up! My mom said she wore some of the same outfits as a little girl!! lol

What was the funniest thing that happened while you were there?

Taylor Longbrake 1

Well, there were a ton of funny things happening on set! We had a real dog on set that would not bark!!!! He was supposed to bark on cue on one of Monk's lines. Then there was a scene where Monk comes in with a huge afro on. It was the funniest thing I ever saw!!

Favorite Show 25
On the set of
"Mr. Monk's Favorite Show"

What was the best part about working with Tony Shalhoub?

He was awesome and was an amazing actor. He was very funny and nice to all of the kids!

What do you think you learned from working on Monk?

Well, it was my first time filming a T.V. show so I learned a lot!! I learned how much work goes into making a 30 minute episode. Now I definitly appreciate it more when I am watching T.V.!!

What was the hardest part of filming the episode?

The hardest part was not laughing! Especially in the scene where Monk is accusing me of murder. It was pretty hard to take him so seriously in the afro!!!

What do you like most about acting?

I like getting to be someone else. Its cool to be someone that is not yourself for awhile!

Taylor Longbrake 2
Favorite Show 22
Taylor Longbrake
as Cathy Cooper

Who's your favorite actor and why?

My favorite actor is Julie Andrews because she jut becomes the character and you believe her! She is also a singer like myself. She is also in all the best movies The Sound of Music, Mary Poppins, and The Princess Diaries!

What's your favorite subject in school?

My favorite subjects are Science and Bible.

What are your favorite things to do for fun?

My favorite things to do for fun are singing, shopping, playing with my sister, writing songs and hanging out with my friends!! I also love leading worship at my church!

Taylor Longbrake 3
Taylor having fun


Taylor on the Set
All photos by Melissa Longbrake a.k.a. Taylor's Mom

Favorite Show 17
Taylor at her Trailer
Favorite Show 12
Taylor in Hair...
Favorite Show 5
and Makeup
Favorite Show 19

Favorite Show 4
Above: Taylor (Cathy), Angelina Wahler (Janie), Jonathan Morgan Heit (Billy),
Gary Weeks (Mr. Cooper) & Cameron Monaghan (Danny)

Favorite Show 6
Favorite Show 8
Favorite Show 9
Favorite Show 14

Taylor has her arm put in a cast to prepare for another episode of The Cooper Clan: "Broken Arm, Broken Heart".
Favorite Show 29
Favorite Show 28
Favorite Show 30
Favorite Show 18
Favorite Show 1
Favorite Show 21


Taylor Longbrake sings "Why"
April 13, 2009

Taylor Longbrake
Taylor's Website


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